Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who will be our next QB?

While many of us despise Peyton Manning and there is no assurance that he will be ever game healthy again, the mistery of possibilities is in the air, the guy is a proven leader/
difference maker and if Carroll wants to win now instead of later, Manning should be brought in and if healthy might be worth a go, besides this man as a lot to prove now and if healthy he will be all business as usual. Besides, when he retires he would make an hell of a QBs coach. I really don't think this will happen, but Bleacher Report gave it no chance of happening, and considering they are always wrong I guess the odds just went up ever so slightly.

Foles from Arizona would be my choice in the draft, he has all the tools and size and is already used to play for a crappy team with even worse offensive line. Foles is used to getting the ball out in a hurry with great accuracy and he can take a hit on the likes of grizzlyberger. Some have criticized arm strenght and long ball accuracy, but they must remember that his OL gives him no time which make the long throws just that much harder. In Seattle we have a strong run game, a set of WRs like he never had in Arizona and a maturing and impressive OL that would protect him a lot better and give him more time. He's a great kid and a born leader, I hope we draft him and let him carry the clipboard for a year behind Jackson, then we will see. I think he's a guy you can build a team around (1st round pick).

Then there is Moore, a local hero for me Kellen has proven to be one of the most accurate QBs in college and is winning record speaks loud and clear. However, many rule him out on size alone, I surely don't. I think he's a baby Brees and will be a bargain in the later rounds thanks to the nay sayers. I would grab him in the 2nd or 3rd and bring him in to compete. If he does not pan out, then you made it so that we have to get Barkley next year, and added some depth, but if he turns out the way I think he will we have gotten us a franchise QB for peanuts lol.

What I don't want is a lateral move to Flynn, the dude has had 2 decent but barely of any meaning games in his career thus far and I don't think that I or anyone can tell if he will any better than Kolb or even Charlie. I say no, either get a millionaire but true talent type of QB (i.e: Manning or Brees) which I wouldn't do for $$$$ reasons, or try your luck in the draft, hopefully with Foles and finish what you have started mister Carroll


  1. Regarding Peyton Manning, he has publicly said he'd much prefer to remain a Colt for his entire career. That being said, a lot of guys have wanted that and have gone elsewhere at the end of their careers. Favre is such an example, and he was a lot older and more tenured in Green Bay when he did it. He also had his team competitive, and within a few minutes of a championship game.

    That said, if Manning is healthy, absolutely you pull the trigger on him, especially if you're a team like the Seahawks, who are now set at most other positions. With a healthy Manning, they're an instant contender.

    1. I couldn't agree more Jonathan, I'm really excited about your novella, can't wait till it's out on Amazon so I get it.